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Download and read the PDF document "Stallholder 2019-2020 Rules and Regulations"

Stallholder 2019-2020 Rules and Regulations Stallholder 2019-2020 Rules and Regulations (285 KB)


Site Requirements (If Van/Other please show size required)

Site Size 3m x 3m site Van Other
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It is essential to select the dates you wish to attend, each month you will be prompted to confirm your position. You will only get this email on dates you select. PLEASE ONLY SELECT THE DATES YOU ARE SURE YOU CAN ATTEND - DO NOT SELECT DATES THAT YOU CAN'T ATTEND.
Friday 20 September 2019 (Central Mall Only)
Friday 11 October 2019 - Season Open & Perth Hills Spring Festival
Friday 22 November 2019
Friday 20 December 2019
Friday 17 January 2020
Friday 21 February 2020 (Central Mall Only)
Friday 20 March 2020
Friday 17 April 2020 (Central Mall Only)
Friday 15 May 2020 (Central Mall Only)
Friday 17 July 2020 (Central Mall Only)



  1. Cancellations must be received minimum 7 days before the markets, anything less will still be required to pay stall fees.
  2. It is a night event, you are required to bring your own battery operated lighting for your stall.
  3. This is an outdoor event, you are required to bring your own equipment, the event will still run if rain is forecast.


Public and/or Product Liability minimum cover of $10m is required. Please scan or photograph your Certificate of Currency of insurance and upload it here

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Kalamunda Night Market

Central Mall and Haynes Street, Kalamunda, 6076

0436 378 745

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Responsible Behaviour

Kalamunda Night Markets is a family friendly community event, please be nice. It does get crowded so leave plenty of time to park and walk, and you are advised to leave your pets at home.

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